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Juneteenth Arts Festival Gallery

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Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe
1012 N Orange Ave, Sarasota Fl, 34236
 1st - 16th June, 2024
1st-9th June
12:00 - 7:00pm

10th-15th June
5:00 - 7:00pm

16th June
12:30 - 6:00pm
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Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe
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Diaspora Fine Art

Presenting Art & Artists from Across Africa & the African Diaspora

Diaspora Fine Art was born to expose others to the beauty and diversity of art created by people of African descent from Africa and across the Diaspora and to make this art available so that others could have that same awe and pride we experienced when we brought our first piece into our home.
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Our Featured Artists

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Jewel Teiko Eklu

Jewel Teiko Eklu is a Ghanaian artist, born and raised. He is a proud alumnus of the Ghanatta College School of Art and Design, where he honed his skills in various art forms. Jewel is a versatile artist, utilizing various mediums and pigments, including oil, acrylic, gouache, pastel, charcoal, ink, and mixed media art.
Jewel has been inspired by various art movements throughout his career, including impressionism, expressionism, cubism, realism, and post-impressionism. However, he is currently inspired by surrealism, abstract art fused with collage techniques, and has created several works in this style.

Jewel's art reflects his passion for exploring the boundaries of traditional art forms, and he is committed to pushing the boundaries of conventional art forms to create something unique and inspiring. His work is a testament to his dedication and skill as an artist, and he has earned critical acclaim for his exceptional talent and creativity.
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I am constantly inspired by the simple and subtle makeup of the world around me. I believe that it is very much one thing to see the immediate beauty in a flower, a ladybug, or a flowing stream, but another to observe and take in the little subtleties that makeup the beauty of the object.
I observe the colors, hues, textures, shapes, highlights, shadows, light reflections, and light refractions, all working together in a perfect harmony that we call beautiful.

I attempt to make my work as organic as possible by loosely applying random brush strokes of acrylic or oil paints to a mixture of layered plaster and oxidized metal powders to achieve an unexpected and desired surface. It is at this point that I allow the canvas to determine which direction I will take or the subject I will paint.

At other times, my work may start with a more calculated, thought-out approach only to end with me throwing caution to the wind, working off what I am feeling in that moment rather than any particular technique!

ALL said and done, as an artist, it is a gratifying release to be able to bring forth onto canvas or sculpt into existence my interpretation of a visual symphony, and to be able to share that with others is something that I find to be truly rewarding.
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Empowering Artists, Communities, & African Art Collectors

Creating Value & Impact Through Art

One thing that was important to us when we started this venture was that we were creating something that added value; to the artists, to the area where the artist is from, and to the aspiring or seasoned collector. With that in mind, our sales directly impact the artist through our profit-sharing program. We provide varying price points and mediums so everyone can enjoy the art, from new collectors with a limited budget to seasoned collectors looking to acquire a unique original work.
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